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Tivoli Brewing Company Brandmark

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Team Members

Solo Project


The goal of this project was to create an identity and system for a historical building on the Auraria Campus in Denver, Colorado. The building that was chosen was Tivoli Brewing Company was chosen for its unique and rich history.


The brewery was built in 1870 by Fredrick C. Eberley with the Tivoli Student Union attached. In 1864, Sigi’s Brewery was founded and was renamed the Tivoli Brewing Company after 1901 by John Good. The Tivoli Student Union remained a brewery until the 1960s. After the Platt River flooded it in 1965, it shut down permanently. The Tivoli is still a defining hub of the Auraria Campus.

Process and Development

This project demonstrates an understanding of the topology of brandmarks and how research informs decision-making. These sketches highlight the use of copper kettles in the brewing process.The unique shape of the kettles found in the Tivoli inspired the shape of the emblem brandmark.

Final Brandmark

Icon Design

Taking into account the brandmark for a brewing company, I took the liberty to create a set of icons that could be used as a background pattern in different collateral to market the brand. These icons are inspired by the beer making process and symbols associated with it: can, bottle, barrel, wheat, and glass. Each icon was created with the same stroke width found in the final brandmark. In addition, each icon follows the color scheme of the designated brandmark.

Icon Pattern Design

This pattern made with the icons can be used for product design marketing and aid differentiating the brandmark from contrasting shapes.



The overall scope of the project informed me about the different types of brandmarks and the process behind creating marks that were cohesive in design. Researching is vital when gaining an understanding of a building or area and can decipher the design decisions throughout the process. The ability to use unique elements of a site is important when designing a brandmark that will represent a building.