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UX Case Study

The New Millennium Case Study Project Type Branding & UX/UI Team Members Uli Hooker and Alexandra...


The New Millennium
Case Study

Project Type

Branding & UX/UI

Team Members

Uli Hooker and Alexandra Fabrizio


The goal of this study was to improve on my HTML/CSS skills by creating this website based off a design built from the ground up. I worked with two other designers, Uli Hooker and Alexandra Fabrizio who took responsibility for the design elements while I was responsible for coding out our concept.

Process and Development

I created wireframes in Figma and Sketch to flesh out the layout and structure for the interface. The website would be a continuous page that would be split into categories that would be anchored to the navigation items. The navigation bar would be coded to follow the user to allow them the flexibility to explore on their own without the need for scrolling. There is also a focus on negative space and color to allow the interface to breath. The small strips of color on the side were used to represent the fold lines of a screen which helped designate where to place the contents.


Overall, I was satisfied with how this interface turned out. I was able to use my prior knowledge of HTML/CSS/JQuery and expand on it. Prior to this project, I hadn’t coded in a year, therefore, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to flesh this design out. Once I started, it was like riding a bike and I enjoyed getting back into the swing of it. To make the website more interactive, I added interesting hover effects utilizing different images. I think if I had more knowledge and time, I would have added more. I wanted to do a code study because of my ambition to become a front-end developer when I graduate. Therefore, this study helped me realize my weaknesses and where I can improve upon them.