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UX/UI Design is my passion and I believe in designing innovative interactive experiences using the power of discourse in minimalistic design. The meaning of design is always changing, but the foundation will always be the same. I value the creative process and the act of sketching, creating mockups, prototyping and testing. My approach to design is often chaotic behind closed doors, but the results are effective and solve the problem.

I take inspiration from the designers, Wolfgang Weingart and Armin Hofmann. I take both of these design beliefs and incorporate them into my work as I am able and relative to the problem. As a designer, I’m a strategic perfectionist, but at my core, I’m an uncontrollable creative. I enjoy the process of learning new things and is able to pick things up quickly.


The evolution of humanity has been demonstrated through design by the accomplishments that have paved a way into the future. Throughout the decades, the approach to art and design has shifted. The definition of design is to create, fashion, execute, or to construct according to plan. In addition, to design is to have purpose and functionality to solve a problem. Lan Ying, a professional painter involved with the art of dissent in 17th century China inspires my work through his accuracy of interpretation. His ability to shift between the descriptive and expressive modes inspires me to achieve this in my design work. His keen observations and perception of the natural world can be seen throughout his landscape paintings with his placement of elements in relation to each other. In addition to Chinese design, I take inspiration from the Greek architecture because of their ability to build monumental structures using symmetry, harmony, and balance.

Contemporarily, Lotta Nieminen has been one of the greatest influences on my design practices. Nieminen is an award-winning graphic designer who creates holistic visual solutions for clients across disciplines. Her passion for finding the best tools to execute content-driven visuals inspires me to do the same in my own work. Alex Trochut is another inspiration because of his ability to take the modern notion of minimalism and flipping it on its side. Trochut’s designs have a crispness that makes them recognizable. His ability to push the boundaries reminds me of Wolfgang Wiengart with his deconstructivist theory. I strive to understand the power of discourse in minimalistic design to push the boundaries and be remembered.

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